Who We Are

Pollitt Bromley is an IT solutions consulting firm established in 1997 and based in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in digital asset management, rules-based analytics and reporting, machine learning, big data analysis and general software architecture. Industry sectors with which Pollitt Bromley has substantial experience include TV broadcasting, advertising and health care.

The principal consultant and director, Michael Pollitt [LinkedIn], is a product strategist, product designer and software architect with more than 20 years of experience in consulting to senior management. He has a solid background in software design and implementation coupled with substantial C-level experience facing customers and investors and leading teams both small and large.

Pollitt Bromley has been fortunate enough to consult to clients in Europe and the USA as well as Australia and has taken a significant number of large projects and products from inception through to global commercial success.


§  Product strategy and roadmap development

We work with the senior executive team, sales and marketing, account management, customer service and the software development team to derive a product roadmap that is fully substantiated by tested business cases. The overall product strategy starts with the company vision and takes inputs from customers, competitive analysis, industry and technology trends as well as the company’s execution capacity, and delivers a fully costed and timed development roadmap for the team to execute.

§  Solution architecture design and execution

We work in a consultative fashion with key stakeholders including end-users, sales and marketing, customer service and the development team, to develop a contemporary solutions architecture which is effective, secure, scalable and supportable. We make use of contemporary methodology and an iterative approach to maximise focus on repeatable execution and delivery, measurement and then refinement. This avoids the problem of the never-ending IT project and ensures assumptions are being regularly tested to keep focus on creating value.

§  Software development and implementation

In addition to providing consulting services around product strategy and solutions architecture, Pollitt Bromley is able upon request to take responsibility for the actual execution of the software project. This can take one of the following forms:

Full service

Pollitt Bromley provides a fixed or time-and-materials quote for the development of the software project and engages developers directly to implement the software as designed. Depending upon client requirements, contract developers are sourced from a network of specialists, both on- and offshore, with whom we have a successful track record of implementation.

Under this model, Pollitt Bromley takes responsibility for final acceptance by the client based on agreed acceptance criteria and a statement of work.


We work with existing employees or contractors employed by the client. The client’s own development team provides the implementation according to the specification, whilst Pollitt Bromley provides leadership, solutions architecture, project management and delivery management.

Under this model, Pollitt Bromley is engaged on a time-and-materials basis at an agreed daily rate.


A combination of the above, where Pollitt Bromley may be able to provide access to specialists with a track record of successful implementation to augment the client’s own on- or offshore team.

Engagement Model

For the services described above, Pollitt Bromley offers either a fixed-price, fixed-time model based on a statement of work and agreed acceptance criteria, or a time-and-materials model based on an agreed daily rate and service schedule.


Mike, in my experience, is unique. He combines a profound understanding of technology with a remarkable ability to communicate its benefit to non-tech people. His enthusiasm for all things digital is infectious and his ability to find smart solutions to big problems is remarkable. He is a pleasure to work with.

– Andy Hopkinson, Adstream

Mike is one of the most accommodating, intelligent and creative people I have had the pleasure to work with. His ability to come up with great technical solutions to best exploit business and creative needs is second to none. What's more he can explain all this in a clear and concise language to people who have little, or no technical understanding. Being able to clearly relate technical information about all aspects of a business or creative challenge is a unique skill. I'm more than happy to recommend Mike, both as a professional colleague and as a good guy to work and hang out with.

– Paul Lacey, Carbon5

Mike's abilities to translate a business opportunity into a technical understanding and to clearly relate these learnings to all sides of the business, sales, operations, IT and software development is a unique skill which is rare in my experience. I'm delighted to recommend him, both as a professional colleague and personally as a valuable asset to his organisation and to the industry as a whole.

– Gavin Costello, Telstra