Our Work

We work across all platforms and in a variety of technologies. Where we shine is in bridging the gap between the commercial and the technical. Our goal is to allow our clients to benefit from the leading edge of technical innovation in a controlled way, for the benefit of their customers and their brand.

Below are some samples of our recent work.


PICQ: Performance indicators for coding quality • 2011 - Present • Pavilion Health

Cloud-based analytics engine for reporting on the quality of coded hospital records. Allows hospital administrators to mine their data for episodes of care incorrectly or incompletely coded, which might impact activity-based funding.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 4.15.02 PM.png

Specialist Refugee eHR System • 2011-2012 • Arcitecta

A "clinical hub" for capturing primary carer clinical data, both to support ongoing health care for refugees (many of whom have complex or compounding health problems and discontinuous primary care), and to provide a data warehouse for research into improved practice and policy. Deployed at Royal Melbourne VIDS clinic.


Software Embedder for Closed Captions • 2017 • OPEN SOURCE

To lower the barriers to all video content being appropriately captioned for the hearing-impaired, we developed and open sourced a software tool for embedding closed captions in a variety of formats into TV broadcast video.